Don't get Bamboozled into buying Bad CBD

Don't get Bamboozled into buying Bad CBD

Sep 25, 2022Thomas K

We were founded on THREE PILLARS, with Community being one of them. As part of service to the community; we want to further educate our clients on understanding key points to look out for when purchasing CBD products:

Is the Price, right? – Not all CBD is created equal 

When observing the current CBD market, you will notice a wide range of prices and potency. There are even a few companies that choose to profiteer on the community they claim to support, while contributing zero support to them. Since our founding, we’ve encouraged the industry to adjust their standards, some have, but others have refused. Through comparable company analysis, you can see companies charging two to three times the price for the same amount of CBD potency.

To avoid getting bamboozled in price, do a simple “price per milligram” calculation. Check out the equation below:

Total Price of CBD Product / Total Amount of CBD in milligrams = Price per milligram

We believe some companies charge a high amount for their CBD with no clear reason to create an illusion of quality. It is important to note that just because the product is expensive, does not mean it is providing value. The reverse is also true; if the price is too good to be true, you should be cautious. Through our analysis we have found poor-quality CBD in pockets of the market. Red flags of poor-quality CBD can be boiled down to the following characteristics:

  • Polluted raw materials
  • Additives
  • No lab testing or very limited lab results
  • Poor price to MG ratio


3rd Party Lab Testing is a must

Throughout the CBD industry, there isn’t an official federal requirement for companies to conduct third party lab testing. This in turn gives the ability to CBD companies to consider 3rd Party Lab Testing as optional; and some chose to not embark in testing due to the cost associated. We believe that these companies are just skipping out on their clients needs and focus more on their bottom line. Not us.

We ensure all our products are third party lab tested in Colorado by SC labs. SC Labs offers national hemp testing to verify compliance with USDA requirements. When you pick a company for your CBD needs, ensure they at least provide the Certificate of Analysis (“COA”), on their website. Our company takes it a step further and provides our COA’s on all our CBD products via QR code. The scannable QR code allows for a seamless ability to view the results of your OG CBD Oil Tincture in an instant. You can also view our lab results on our website, here.

Below are major points to take in consideration when you are viewing COA results:

  • Where is it tested?: if a company states that they “test in house”, run away. Clients deserve an independent test on the product, not a biased one. CBD companies are not competent in doing tests on their products, leave it professionals like SC Labs


  • Can you understand the COA?: if you are reading a COA and having a hard time understanding it, be cautious. Some companies provide labs results that make absolutely no sense, but try to pass it off as legitimate


  • Ensure it has all the Cannabinoids: For example: Organic Grit’s strain of Hemp, Hawaiian Haze, not only does it have a potent amount of CBD, but also CBG & CBN. Be sure you are getting the whole package

Where is their hemp grown?

When you are researching CBD companies, see if the company talks about where their hemp is grown? Do they mention specific location? A lot of companies source their CBD products from farmers they have no idea about or worse from overseas (which is not subject to the US Farm Bill legislation that was passed in 2018). Some in the CBD industry pull from such a large batch of strains of hemp that their product in turn becomes poor in quality and has no consistency between batches. Again, the reason for these poor choices by some is due to their sole focus on the bottom line.

Here at Organic Grit, we partnered with a small veteran-owned and family run hemp farm in Durand, Wisconsin. Through this close partnership, we have complete oversight of the growing, harvest and extraction operation. Only one strain of highly potent and organic strain is grown on the land: Hawaiian Haze. By dealing with one strain of CBD, we ensure that our product remains consistent in every single batch and with every product line.


Ask the Questions

When you see a CBD company, ask the questions below:

  • Do they conduct third-party testing?
  • Are the COA reports easy to download from simply scanning the QR code on the product?
  • Are their hemp plants organically grown?
  • Does the company have a purpose?
  • Are there Google Reviews on the company?


Here at Organic Grit, we answer all the questions above with a strong YES.

There are many companies who do not engage with third-party lab testing and do not provide reports on their products. A lot of industry also does not grow their hemp organically.  Be aware of those in the industry looking to make a quick buck and have no real intention of supporting the communities in which they claim to be a part of.

Simply ask the questions and you will find the right company to trust.


Ironclad Guarantee

Finally: We stand behind our products.

If you are not satisfied with any of our products you receive within 60 days, contact us here so we can have the discussion on how we can make it a positive or we can offer a full refund / store credit of purchase.

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