Connor Mathews

"The Controller"

Raised in Freetown, Massachusetts, Connor's childhood was a whirlwind of sports and adventure.

From surfing to football, he embraced it all, but ice hockey reigned supreme.

Alongside his love for the ice, Connor immersed himself in traditional martial arts, fostering a blend of athleticism and discipline that would define his path forward.

USAF Combat Controller

Connor's transition from a US Air Force Combat Controller to a UFC fighter highlights his adeptness in high-pressure situations.

During his time in the U.S. Special Forces community, he honed the resilience and composure necessary for success in the octagon.

Now, as a formidable competitor, he draws upon these qualities to excel in the intense world of mixed martial arts.

The Future

As Connor looks to the future, he draws inspiration from the legacy of every Combat Controller before him, as well as the guidance of his sensei, John Marando.

His philosophy centers on the belief that consistency reigns supreme through dedicated and hard work.

He aims to achieve undeniable success while remaining patient and true to his values.

His sights are set on becoming a UFC champion. Connor's career highlights include:

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