How It Works

Each vial contains 50mg of OG Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD (depending on which you pick), Blue Raspberry Flavor. Everyone is unique. CBD will affect every person differently. We recommend taking half the vial to start off and gradually increase as needed.

For best results, pour an entire vial under your tongue and wait 30 seconds before swallowing.

If you have further questions, click below to utilize the OG CBD Guide.

Two Vials | Potent

With the OG Sampler, you will experience the OG difference. Once you see that it makes sense for you to have your own OG CBD Oil Tincture, use the unique discount code that came with your kit.

Ready for the full Organic Grit CBD Oil experience?

Get your own OG CBD Oil to enjoy amplified benefits, sustainable relief, and versatile usage. As a thank you for trying our samples, enjoy the exclusive discount that came in your OG package!

Ships Anywhere in the US

We will get your kit anywhere in the US expeditiously using USPS.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you use our OG Sample Box you'll feel the power of OG CBD and be ready to get your own tincture!
Should you have any questions, contact us on the website or call us. We have OG Team members ready to answer your questions.