OG Talks

Perfection Was Never the Goal
Jul 06, 2022
We know what you are thinking: the title of this book "Never Enough" gives off an unattainable...
Keeping Inventory of our Mental State
Apr 30, 2022
Ferris Bueller philosophically stated “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once...
Societal Necessity To "UnThink"
Mar 28, 2022
“If you don’t look back at yourself and think, ‘Wow, how stupid I was a...
Don't be Agreeable
Oct 01, 2021
It sounds counter intuitive, but standing for what you believe in allows you to move...
Small Victories
Sep 10, 2021
Keep it simple. Understand that anything in this life that is worth doing: is worth overdoing. We all have the "pie in the sky" objectives or "pipe dreams", but these names were give to us by those on the other end; by those who don't dare step outside their comfort zone. The real ones know it takes Small Victories to win the overall conflict and accomplishing the objective.