Can I fly with CBD?

Can I Fly with CBD?

Sep 04, 2022Thomas K

   If find yourself landing on this post, you are probably a "go-getter". One who uses OG CBD for his/her everyday stressors. You’ve got a business trip coming up, sports meet or even a vacation to start, but you are not sure if you can bring your OG CBD on an airplane? A couple questions run through your mind: Are the laws different in other states or even countries? Does the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) prohibit CBD?  Because at the end of the day, you don't that key travel companion to be taken from you at the security check.

We are going to help answer those questions and put some of this flight anxiety to rest: 

Can I Fly Stateside (Domestically) With CBD Products?

The short answer to this question is: YES!

You can bring your hemp-derived OG CBD onto a plane that is flying domestically, in the United States.

Personally, I have flown at least a dozen flights this year with OG CBD Salve and OG CBD Oil without an issue.

   When you go through the TSA screening area, the officers are searching for anything that is prohibited in the cabin of the aircraft during your travel. Things they look for are firearms, explosives, large amount of liquids that you are bringing from the outside the security/screened area. In 2018, the Farm Bill, passed a bill that Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, containing less than 0.3 percent THC on dry weight basis is perfectly legal to fly with you on a plane. 

   Rest assured, our product meets these standards under the Farm Bill. You simply can scan our unique QR code on any of our products to find out more. Read over our COA for your product and should have any questions on reading it, please contact us, so we can walk you through.

   If the product will be in your carry-on bag, it must contain less than 3.4 ounces of liquid, ointment, cream, or balm, be contained in a shatter-proof container, and should be included in the transparent quart-size bag of such items that you take out of your suitcase to put through the TSA screening machine. Basically, if you keep our products in their original containers, you should be fine. 


Can I Fly Internationally With CBD?

   When we are talking about flying with CBD internationally, it becomes a little more involved because of regulations on the level of THC allowed vary from country to country. SmarterTravel states that “professionals strongly advise to err on the side of caution and leave products with any cannabinoids (including hemp-derived oils) at home, especially because some countries have much stricter drug laws.” 

Regulations for Other Countries

   Keep in mind that there are some countries that do not allow CBD within their borders. There are also some countries that allow you to bring CBD to their countries, only with a prescription from a doctor. Be sure to check out a list of international regulations by country. Be sure to check out this list periodically, as it could change.

What Are the Best CBD Products to Travel With?

   Now that you are educated on what you can and cannot do with CBD when traveling by air, below we will go over the best products to travel with:

  • Does flying make you anxious? It’s common for people to be anxious right before a flight, or even traveling in general. You are in new environment and things are new, of course you will feel a little on edge. Try our OG CBD Oil to make it easier.
  • Jet lagged and need sleep? It's hard to combat jet lag, after time zone switch. Even when you are trying to get accustomed to the new sleeping arraignment you have. All of these things can affect the way you settle in. Be sure to our CBD oil to get your sleep on.
  • Are you traveling with man’s best friend? If you are taking your small dog on the airplane with you on your travels, make sure he is comfortable to. Give small does and notice the difference. He will be a lot calmer and will enjoy the trip with you.

The Bottom Line

   The bottom line is if you are traveling within the United States with our CBD Oil or CBD Salve, you should be fine as our products CBD products conform to the current federal regulations.

Be sure to always check on the ever-changing international regulations, but as long as you are informed, you will be fine.

Please note: this article is not intended to provide legal advice.

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