The Importance of 3rd Party Testing

The Importance of 3rd Party Testing

Oct 03, 2022Thomas K

Product testing for potency and quality should be a priority for ALL CBD companies, but the truth is: it isn’t a priority for all

Currently in the United States, it is not Federally required for CBD products to have lab reports. In a recent report, 25% of CBD products on the market are not tested. Here at Organic Grit, we make it a point to test and provide the lab results of ALL our products we sell.


There are companies who state that they have “in house” lab testing. If you come across a company like this: run for the hills. 3rd party Lab testing is exactly that: “3rd PARTY”. We leave it to the professionals at SC Labs to test our products and provide the facts. All of our CBD products have QR codes that are easily scannable for the customer to read about the lab results of the exact product they have in their hand. In addition, our community can go directly on our website and review all lab results we have, from all batches.

A few key mentions on what our lab results test for are listed below:

  • Potency (CBD, CBN, CBG) (Good stuff)
  • Heavy Metals (Bad stuff)
  • Pesticides (Really bad stuff)

Our lab reports ensure that we are providing the Tier One products we promised: highly potent, safe and organic


We know what you are thinking:  “Okay, I scanned your QR code and now I have a bunch of science looking terms and numbers. What should I look for?”

We got you.

Potency. How much THC/CBD are in the products?: if you purchase one of our Broad Spectrum products, the lab report will read 0.00% THC, which means it contains NO THC. This is exactly what we advertised and what deliver. If you purchase one of CBD products that state 1500mg, you will notice in the lab reports that the CBD content is a little over 1500mg. Like we said: potent. Whenever you buy CBD products make sure what’s advertised is what’s in the product.

Where is this tested?: Here at Organic Grit, we send our product batches to SC Labs in Denver, Colorado. We do not conduct any “in house” testing, we leave it to the professionals.  Remember, get ready to run, if you see a company that states it conducts “in house” testing.

Where are the other Cannabinoids? our Full Spectrum products contain exactly that: the FULL SPECTRUM. That would include, CBD, CBN, CBG, THC (the legal amount of less than 0.03%). If you come across a lab report that doesn’t mention any of these Cannabinoids, you have just been bamboozled (check out our previous article on how to avoid being bamboozled)


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