Our Why





The essence of Organic Grit is community. Current CBD products that Organic Grit sells serve as a vehicle in order to produce a positive impact in the veteran community. Currently, 20% of every CBD product sold will be transferred to vetted nonprofit organizations (501(c)’s) doing a direct positive impact in our veteran community space

By working with veteran integration groups and outdoor excursion organizations our clients see the direct impact of their purchase. These groups work directly with veterans that have sacrificed a priceless amount to the country and work to get those veterans "Back In The Fight”

Currently, the two non profits we are currently donate our 20% of our proceeds are VETERANS ADVENTURE GROUP & Patrol Base (PB) Abbate


Our CBD products are derived from a single strain of CBD (Hawaiian Haze Sativa). Using a single strain ensures that the same anxiety reducing and energy promoting affect of our CBD Oil is present in each product

Organic Grit CBD is derived from U.S. hemp (2018 Farm Bill Compliant) that is grown in the state of Wisconsin

Our U.S. farmers grow the hemp and process into CBD all under one roof; no product is shipped between sites to create our product. This vertically integrated structure ensures the highest possible quality control                                                       


In order to stand by our statements of high quality, we have established relationship with a third-party independent laboratory. The purpose of the relationship to have every batch of our product tested for potency, in addition to ensuring our clients that it is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals

Our third-party independent laboratory partners is SC Labs (f.k.a Botanacor), which is an ISO 17025 certified third-party laboratory located in Colorado

Organic Grit takes transparency to a whole new level by allowing our clients to instantly scan and view results in seconds. The only requirement to access your CBD's laboratory report is a smartphone. We have placed a unique QR code on every single product of ours for our clients to access the report. When our clients scan the QR code, they are able to instantly see the  the exact contents of the product (i.e. potency, the contents and exact milligrams of CBD)

Organic Grit is on the fore-front of this initiative and we implore other companies in the CBD industry to do the same. This way the industry can ensure clients that their products are safe and are as potent as claimed

If you are in the CBD space and need help to do so, please reach out HERE                

Why Organic Grit?                             

Our three pillars compliment one another. The synergetic effect that it creates will be highly impactful in communities across the United States.

We are actually here for our Veteran Community.

We are for the civilian community.

We are here for society. 

Let's get Gritty...