Impact of your Purchase: 2023

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From exploring our site & social media posts, it is easy to have an impression that our sole focus is the Veteran Community, however our product is not only for those who put on the uniform. Our community is for all hard-working professionals, athletes, parents and students.

We at Organic Grit believe that actions matter a lot more than just words, therefore since 2019, twenty percent of all our proceeds go directly to vetted 501(c) 3 organizations that make a direct impact

Organic Grit was created to serve the community

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Veterans Adventure Group

We are excited to share with you the impact your purchases have made on initiatives close to our hearts.

Your support has enabled us to contribute to two incredible causes that aim to uplift and empower our U.S. Veterans. 

Firstly, we are proud to say that our partnership with Veteran Adventures Group (“VAG”) has been expanded. Through your purchases, we have been able to provide funding for new expeditions that offer veterans unique opportunities for adventure, camaraderie, and personal growth. Your contributions have directly supported the journeys of those who have served our country, allowing them to explore the great outdoors and create lasting memories.  

VAG has organized climbs for over 230+ veterans and achieved a 90% success rate in summitting their climbs.  VAG has been to Aconcagua (Argentina), Denali (Alaska) and Mount Rainer (Washington) to name a few.  

We here at Organic Grit identify with VAG’s strive to push the limits of our human boundaries (both physical and mental) in order to discover that underlying truth/purpose of ourselves.  


During the fall of 2023, we were thrilled to embark on a partnership with LiboRisk, an organization dedicated to creating wellness retreats specifically tailored for U.S. veterans.

These retreats offer exciting adventures designed to help veterans disconnect from the stressors of daily life and reconnect with their sense of purpose.

Your support has enabled us to join hands with LiboRisk in providing these valuable experiences, allowing veterans to find peace, healing, and renewed inspiration. 

Our partnership expanded into 2024 with our organization providing all LiboRisk participants in the April Joushua Tree wellness retreat with packs of OG CBD Salve. We were thrilled to make their transformative retreat a bit more special and look forward to supporting future wellness events 

We are profoundly grateful for your continued support, as it is through your purchases that we are able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have served our country. Together, we are honoring their sacrifices and supporting their well-being as they navigate life beyond the battlefield.