Our founding is centered and grounded by our community. From exploring our site & social media posts, it is easy to have an impression that our sole focus is the Veteran Community, however our product is not only for those who put the uniform but for all hard working professionals, athletes, parents and students. Or simply put by American Rockstar legend, Elvis Presley, our organization is for folks who abide by his motto "Taking Care of Business"

We at Organic Grit believe that actions matter a whole lot more than just words, this is why since the day of founding in 2020, twenty percent of all our sales go directly to vetted 501(c) organizations that make a direct impact. Yes, you read that correctly; 20%. Organic Grit was not made for the sole propose of profits for a few shareholders, but rather to serve a community.

Our 501(c) Partners:

  • Veteran's Adventure Group: "We build teams of veterans, equip and train them to tackle team based extreme sports goals, and help them execute their new missions."
  • Patrol Base Abbate: Return to Base: "We offer free-of-cost retreats in "Big Sky Country" for service members and eligible veterans, where they can reconnect with their warrior spirit, foster community through shared interests, and re-discover purpose in service to each other, their families, and their communities."
  •  22 Until Valhalla: "We’re on a mission to prevent veteran suicide through physical, mental, and emotional lifestyle development." 

Go ahead and place your order for our CBD Oil to support our 501 (c) Partners today. Feel good and make an impact