OG Wholesale

Organic Grit has officially launched the highly requested and anticipated wholesale program (“OG Wholesale”) during 2Q2022 . The OG Wholesale program is designed to ensure our potential retail partner's benefit in expanding their existing product offering with our iconic OG CBD oil products coupled with competitive wholesale pricing. 

In addition to the premium product, our retail partners will be supported by the Organic Grit team apparatus that provide support during production and delivery of our product. A differentiating aspect of the OG Wholesale program is that the retail relationship does not end with a simple “sale” of an order. Every OG Wholesale program retail partner will have after-sale support that will ensure our clients receive as much value of out the product; this will be accomplished through information sessions on our products, highlights on developments with our partnered non-for-profit organizations, and inclusion company events that motivate our client base.   

The OG Wholesale program is more than just an opportunity for our retail partners to acquire the highest quality and independently tested CBD Oil products; it is a mutual partnership.   

Every OG Wholesale order is a newly created batch that is individually tested.  

With every aspect of Organic Grit, we take our product launches personally; hence we will not be requesting our potential clients to fill out endless forms. Simply provide your organizations contact information and appropriate representative, and a team member from Organic Grit will reach out personally, to ensure a smooth end-to-end onboarding process. 

We look forward to meeting your team and embarking on this exciting journey together.  

S T A Y  G R I T T Y