How can CBD Support Muscle Recovery?

How can CBD Support Muscle Recovery?

Nov 09, 2022Thomas K

It’s a common question: will CBD help in muscle pain and recovery post workout? We dive into that question and will provide you with an answer below!

Muscle pain and recovery: how does CBD help?

To begin, Cannabidiol (CBD) is primarily found in hemp and creates a balancing effect within the body. CBD binds with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which in turn has shown to assist in putting down pain and inflammation.

When it comes to your joints and muscles, inflammation is the main contributing factor that causes discomfort after an intense workout. It is also important to know that inflammation plays a major role in the recovery process in our bodies by repairing the muscle fibers that are torn during the workout. When we introduce CBD in the mix of a post workout affair, the anti-inflammatory properties have been helping with muscle aches, joint pain and even arthritis pain. Check out this National Institute of Health article about the discovered benefits of CBD as well! Knowing these potential benefits, CBD Salve has been paired with athlete’s workout programs and recovery to ensure optimal performance.

How to combine CBD in my recovery routine

There are a few variations of CBD in the OG catalog, but the Full Spectrum products work best for recovery. The reason why they are more effective is because of the synergetic effect CBD has with the whole hemp plant and its natural compounds in its mix. The essential oils, cannabinoids, and other natural compounds in Full Spectrum CBD boost the effect in what is known as the entourage effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD is not as effective in the recovery process as they are missing key compounds that Full Spectrum has. The missing compounds creates a weaker effect and sometimes no effect to the body when it comes to muscle recovery and inflammation reduction. We recommend using full spectrum products when you are looking to recover, like salve. Salve is very easy to apply onto your skin. These are best on-the-spot treatment for areas that you muscle strains and inflammation.  Simply apply a small amount of Salve directly to the target area. Give it 30 minutes and wait. Add additional salve as needed. Individual results may vary.




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