In this day and age, it should be a baseline requirement for companies to be as transparent as possible. We at Organic Grit ("OG") do not operate in the shadows and do not work to make our product background as obscure as possible. Transparency is in our company's DNA. This is why we teamed up with Botanacor to deliver potency tests (as well as confirmation of the pesticides and harmful chemicals) of every single batch of Organic Grit CBD Oil we sell

OG stands by its product in terms of providing the highest quality of CBD oil available on the market, however we understand the necessity to have a third-party that is independent from OG to give you cold hard truth

Organic Grit takes transparency to a whole new level by allowing our clients to instantly scan and view results in seconds. The only requirement to access your CBD's laboratory report is a smartphone. We have placed a unique QR code on every single product of ours for our clients to access the report. When our clients scan the QR code, they are able to instantly see the  the exact contents of the product (i.e. potency, the contents and exact milligrams of CBD, CBE, CBG)  

In addition of having access to test reports that display that our Organic Grit CBD Oil is free of those harmful chemicals, pesticides, and metals; OG is proud to state that our CBD Oil is animal cruelty free. Organic Grit and Organic Grit's suppliers do not conduct animal testing on any of products. We are proud of this standard and hope that other CBD Oil companies follow this common sense approach.

Experience the full transparency at action by purchasing one of OG CBD Oils today

Organic Grit: Impact Day

So much can happen within one year at OG (Community organized events, fundraising events, limited edition releases, community outreach) that we can lose track during all this excitement. In order to lay the capstone of the year's work, we want to provide and highlight our contributions to the community during Organic Grit: Impact Day.  However, this day will not only be about the impact the company commits but also a day to provide a platform for other organizations who share OG's value system to share their story

We are beyond excited to have you part of this journey and look forward to seeing you at our event at years end, whether physically or virtually.  Event details to be provided as we come closer to the year end date. STAY GRITTY

Organic Grit Apparel:

During the second half of 2021, the Organic Grit team partnered with the folks from American Owned Apparel to launch our initial shirt clothing line. American Owned Apparel is owned and operated by former law enforcement members.

As with other suppliers selected to produce our high quality products, American Owned Apparel abides by a commendable value system. The company (i) does not use child labor, (ii) makes all of its products within the United States, and (iii) uses the high performance quality material. As stated their motto states "Never Trade Ethics for Profit". This is a statement that Organic Grit can get behind. Place your order today for high performance, ethically and United States made shirts here


S T A Y  G R I T T Y