This is personal, not just business. Our clients are ingesting a product. It is paramount that that they understand where and how it is created. Anything short of this is scary and at worst unethical

All of our CBD products are derived from U.S. hemp that is grown within the great state of Wisconsin (And yes, the motto of Wisconsin is "Forward", coincidence? You be the judge of that!). 

Our U.S. hemp comes from the family-owned and veteran owned farmers. The high quality, organically grown, cGMP compliant U.S. hemp is processed and manufactured in Durand, Wisconsin.

Our growth and supply in Wisconsin has 5 Key Takeaways:

1) Proven track record being grown in the upper Midwest
2) High CBD content
3) Low THC content
4) Sativa strain (shorter growing cycle, better for daytime use)
5) Strong minor cannabinoid profile                                                                                    
Our CBD products contain the highest possible CBD content with the lowest THC content in the industry all the while producing anxiety-reducing results. Explained further; the higher CBD content within the hemp plant, the more potent the extract. High potency of the tincture created the iconic Organic Grit taste that exists in our product today. However, taste and potency were not the only points Organic Grit looked for...           
We searched for values. Sunny Skies CBD has a strong value system in where they chose treat to prioritize – the way they treat their employees, the way they after the well-being of the clients, and taking pride in doing the little things to make sure the client is getting the best customer service possible. 

From the very first batch of CBD created in January 2020 to the next, all are held to high standards. Our partners are one of the most transparent in the industry. Organic Grit representatives have visited their facilities to actually see what goes on behind the scenes. And in order to save you the trip, we have all our CBD products tested and verified by an independent 3rd party (i.e. Transparency Pillar)

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Organic Grit Apparel

During the second half of 2021, the Organic Grit team partnered with the folks from American Owned Apparel to launch our initial shirt clothing line. American Owned Apparel is owned and operated by former law enforcement members. American Owned Apparel prides itself with its use of high performance fibers in order to develop a shirt that will remain in fantastic shape through much use.

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S T A Y  G R I T T Y