Our U.S. hemp comes from family-owned and veteran-owned hemp farms. The high quality, organically grown in Durham, Wisconsin

Our partners grow, process (cGMP complaint), and distill our CBD all at one location. This setup ensures the upmost in quality control from the moment the hemp is grown to its ultimate Organic Grit packaging

Organic Grit chose to work with farmers that only grow and process one strain of CBD. By dealing with one strain of CBD, we ensure that our product remains consistent in every single batch and with every product line

Our CBD strain is the Hawaiian Haze Sativa. We specifically chose this derivative of hemp due to its anxiety reducing effects through promoting uplifting energy and focus (as opposed to lethargic effects that one may receive from using other CBD strains)

Organic Girt Apparel

During the second half of 2021, the Organic Grit team partnered with the folks from American Owned Apparel to launch our initial shirt clothing line. American Owned Apparel is owned and operated by former law enforcement members. American Owned Apparel prides itself with its use of high performance fibers in order to develop a shirt that will remain in fantastic shape through much use.

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