Impact of your Purchase: 2021

Veterans Adventure Group

Purchases of Organic Grit products has directly supported the operations of the Veteran's Adventure Group. The most active teams are the mountaineering, SCUBA and adaptive programs. The funds are being allocated to support these activities. The sales donated to the group will be used to support three Mt. Rainer climbs, one Mt. Hood climb, active SCUBA team planning, and four retreats in The Great State of Tennessee in 2022.

We at Organic Grit take the community IMPACT very seriously. We wear the jersey of the community, and are proud to serve it. In addition, allowing our clients have a direct impact is the main reason for founding. As always, we will continue to update our customer base on the impact they create.

Go ahead and place your order for our CBD Oil to support our 501 (c) Partners today. Feel good and make an impact.


PB Abbate

PBA partnered with the Big
Fish Foundation during the second half of 2021. The partnership enabled veterans to embark on a retreat in the vast mountains of Colorado. Through the purchases of Organic Grit products, the travel costs for the twelve Patrol Base Abbate participants were lowered to $0.00.

For further information on the Big Fish Foundation, please visit them here.