Perfection Was Never the Goal

Perfection Was Never the Goal

Jul 06, 2022Victor Mikhailovsky

We know what you are thinking: the title of this book "Never Enough" gives off an unattainable tone. Let us paint the perceived picture: a well accomplished individual steps upon the mound and preaches how everything went wonderful in their life; how you should strive for ultimate perfection. Everything seems to work out for the writer, every opportunity is grasped, and every outcome desired becomes reality. From the title you must feel that this one of those “perfectionist” books, but nothing can be further from the truth.  

Mike Hayes, 20-year veteran of the US Navy SEALs (former commander of Navy SEAL Team Two), acknowledges that the book is not about being perfect. The message is to continue pushing the mental and physical “envelope”. That is not to say that he is advocating for extreme pressure, that it leads deterioration of the mental and physical state. Rather he is stating: one should understand his or her own limits and attempt to expand them. Boiling down the structure of the book, it is broken into three pillars: 

  • EXCELLENCE: State of being excellent is when you humbly acknowledge that you are not excellent enough 
  • AGILITY: Being dynamic to change given a new set of facts (we are reminded about the other book we reviewed, “UnThink”) 
  • MEANING: Refine the ability step back and understand where the impact is occurring 

Mike provides concrete examples from his various experiences that correlate to these three pillars. Whether it was making potential life & death decisions overseas as a Navy SEAL, representing the White House in high stakes international talks about nuclear armaments, or his experience as being COO of Bridgewater Assoicates; all relate back to those pillars. 

Mike is not sharing these experiences to brag about them. He acknowledges that he was very fortunate to be in these positions. The creation of this book is a way for him to give back to the community at large by providing the audience a front row seat in these character building events. 

We at Organic Grit see that our values line up with that of Mike Hayes. Organic Grit believes it is key as a startup to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. We proudly project our purpose to the community. Whether you are veteran, peace officer, doctor, nurse, teacher, construction worker, farmer, etc… we serve you by delivering the highest quality CBD products to assist in recovery and encourage anxiety free living so that you can Stay Gritty. 

The community is what gives us purpose. The community is what gave Mike Hayes purpose to write this book. With the purchase of Mike Hayes book, you will be assisting Gold Star Families. The profits of this book have directly impacted families who have lost loved ones in U.S operations by paying off countless mortgages of the families and their children through college.

We are proud to highlight this impact that Mike Hayes provides the community and are proud to be doing our part as well. 

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