Waves of Life (Wave 2)

(Wave 2)

The waves of life.

We all have them. 

We go through the highs of life. 

On top of the wave and seeing it all. 

Seeing the future, what’s ahead, and are optimistic. 

Happy to be “on-top”. But all things, even waves, crash. 

It gets low. The water is calm. 

You are not stagnate, and looking around for the next wave? 

How long will this break last? 

Will you ever see another wave? When will it pick up again?

Should I give up, and walk out onto the shore and leave? 

Right when you think it’s over you see on the horizon, the water picking up.

Can you time it?


You start to kick your feet and paddle towards it. 

The new wave is becoming more clear. 

The new wave is starting grow and pick up speed. 

Then you turn.

Reach out. 

Back “on-top”. 

Riding the wave and seeing the future again.