Progression vs Stagnation (Wave 1)

(Wave 1)

“You’re born, you take s!@#$ 

…get out in the world, you take more s!@#$ 

…climb a little higher, take less s!@#$. 

…till one day you're in the rarefied atmosphere and you’ve forgotten what s!@#$  even looks like. 

 …Welcome to the layer cake, son.” ― J. J. Connolly, Layer Cake 

Our parents and those who raised us expect and hope for us to do well in this “life”. But hope it’s not a course of action.  

It’s the steps that we take in life that determines the “success”. We can have faith in life, God, or our higher power, but it takes our own actions that will determine our version of “success”  

But in life there are times when we hit a plateau. 

We become stagnated.  

This this where I rest? We ask ourselves. Is this where I cease ACTION and just coast off for the rest of my life? 

Is this correct? I’m I correct?   

Some would say that coasting and being content and no longer progressing is perfectly fine.   

 I personally believe that once you coast: plateau, stagnate, whatever you wanna call it, you’re just waiting for death to come.   

Death is a natural step in life… in this journey and whatever else comes after it is what you believe in. 

But then why during the time… on this journey of eternal life… do we stop?  

Was it something that occurred to you? 

Or did someone tell you that you couldn’t continue to grow? 

Is it something that you’re scared to do? 

Do you fear failure?   

Do not fear failure. Do not fear risk.  

The Wright brothers looked crazy when they said they would make things fly.   

Formula One racers pushing the limits to determine the new world record are looked at as “crazy”   

Elon musk was definitely laughed at when he said that he will make a revolutionary electric car…. or even a rocket to return itself after being launched into space.   

Take risks. 

Do not fear failure.   

We all only have one shot at this so let’s make it count. 

Stay Gritty.