Move as One


Team and cohesiveness starts with yourself.  

If you’re not working on you, you need to because everyone eventually finds what seems to be or might be their kryptonite, what scares them and most of that is the fear of failure or even going the distance. That path that’s silent but so loud at the same time is where you’ll grow, fall, want to quit and sometimes will feel like you’re mentally dying.  

I’ve ran into many of those both in and out of the military and had my ups and downs but the simple trick was keeping one foot in front of the other and any effort at that moment counts. So that small voice in your head isn’t anyone but you, my dudes. Everything’s easier said than done but it’s better done than to never try, dying with that on your conscience is probably the worst death.  

Mental, physical, emotional health and evaluation is a must. If you’re not doing that well, that’s the biggest part of the fight is looking within and can be the factor of winning or losing. Keep your head above the tides and keep pressing, take care of you before anyone else and take care of you so no one has to sacrifice more than they need to.  

Hopefully someone takes something from this and puts it to work, it’ll take a little tweaking and refitting but you’ll get it. Just keep trying and giving it 110%. It’s Sunday ladies and gentlemen, reset yourself and reassess yourself for the better of everyone homies. 🤙🏽