Don't be Agreeable

Don't be Agreeable

Oct 01, 2021Alexander Mikhailovsky

It sounds counter intuitive, but standing for what you believe in allows you to move in life how you want.

We have all been in situations where it is easier to simply agree with the other to avoid the hard conversations.

What that creates is more confusion, less progress and a life that isn't true to its core.

Imagine for a second if you actually stood your ground? 

What would life look like?

Would you enjoy waking up to the next day a bit better?

Would you have a stronger drive to push forward?

We believe the answer to those questions is: f*ck yea.


Stand for what you believe in and avoid being so agreeable all the time. During this time, things will change.

People will leave your circle.

Things that you thought made sense no longer, but now you are honest and true to yourself.

Understand that during all this, the conversations that you had now are becoming actions. 

You are now going after it.

Don't be agreeable and fall into the vibes that make sense.


Stay Gritty, always.

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