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FDA call for new oversight on CBD
Jan 28, 2023
The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has recently stated that cannabis-derived products need closer oversight. The request to have enhanced monitoring of the growing industry will involve the FDA to seek new powers from the United States Congress.    Learn more about on this OG news article.   
How can Coffee and CBD work together?
Jan 16, 2023
6 out of 10 Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Most likely you are one of them. In recent years combining CBD and coffee has become a new trend, but why? Does CBD and caffeine boost your overall focus and ability to make things happen? CBD have been studied to keep your body functioning at its best while allowing caffeine to do its job without the negative side effects.  We dive into that finding and more in this OG blog post: How CBD & Coffee can work together.
Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Strain
Jan 07, 2023
Here at Organic Grit, we specially grow an outstanding strain called Hawaiian Haze, to ensure a potent and amazing product for our community. From our CBD Oils to OG Salve, all our OG CBD is produced from the Hawaiian Haze strain.  Below we will go over the many things about the strain we use and hope it helps your journey in incorporating CBD in your life. 
Will I build a tolerance to CBD?
Dec 13, 2022
There have been many studies done that show that CBD provides various therapeutic benefits. A person can take as low as 25 milligrams of CBD a day to almost 3,000 milligrams, as per the FDA approved CBD medication used to treat epileptic seizures. CBD oil tinctures, along with edibles, have been proven to be safe across this wide range, which in turn made them a common treatment option when compared to plan old pharmaceuticals. Many people know the benefits of CBD, but then the question comes up: Will I build a tolerance to CBD? Explore this article to find out more.
What is the best carrier for oil for CBD?
Nov 06, 2022
To begin we first must define why it's important for CBD to be fused into a carrier. When CBD is extracted from hemp and isn’t placed into a carrier it is called: CBD Isolate. When CBD is in this form it looks like a white powder. When CBD is in isolate form, it is difficult to measure how much CBD is inside the powder grain. In addition, when your body tries to take in CBD in isolate form much of it goes to waste. CBD is optimally digested by the body when infused in an oil-based solution because it binds together with the fat molecules in your body…so which is the best oil? Find out.
CBD vs Melatonin
Oct 18, 2022
Many have been introduced to melatonin as the prime “Go To” to accomplish amazing sleep. Some people swear it by it. In recent years, thousands of people have turned to CBD which provides the similar benefits that melatonin delivers. Which is better? Are they the same in terms of desired effect? Can they work together? We will break these questions down and more...