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How do I store my CBD?
Jan 02, 2023
When you purchase CBD, it is an investment for your overall health. You probably know the use and application of the CBD products you have, but do you know how to make them last as long as possible? It’s important to note that CBD has a shelf life of one to two years, but CBD can expire far quicker without proper care. Let’s go over the three key methods for properly taking care of your CBD products to ensure the product maintain their quality and potency.
CBD & Bioavailability
Dec 08, 2022
In this industry there are so many options to take your CBD. To begin you first must understand what bioavailability is and how it plays a role in your body when it comes to CBD. Let us break it down.  
CBD vs Melatonin
Oct 18, 2022
Many have been introduced to melatonin as the prime “Go To” to accomplish amazing sleep. Some people swear it by it. In recent years, thousands of people have turned to CBD which provides the similar benefits that melatonin delivers. Which is better? Are they the same in terms of desired effect? Can they work together? We will break these questions down and more...
CBD and Running
Oct 10, 2022
We all know that cardio is a must in this life. Cardio is what gets your blood pumping and keeps you moving. A common form of cardio workout is running. Can CBD help you before and after your runs? Find out...