Signs of low quality CBD products

Signs of Low-Quality CBD Products

Jun 25, 2024Thomas K

   With the surge in CBD’s popularity, the market is flooded with various products, making it challenging to discern high-quality options from inferior ones.

Understanding the signs of low-quality CBD is essential for making informed choices.

At Organic Grit, we prioritize transparency, rigorous testing, and sustainable practices to ensure the highest quality in all our offerings, including salves, oils, and gummies.

Here’s how to spot low-quality CBD products and how Organic Grit stands apart.


Importance of Third-Party Testing

CBD Lab Testing

One of the most reliable indicators of a high-quality CBD product is third-party testing.

These independent tests confirm the purity, potency, and safety of the products. At Organic Grit, we lab test all our products—salves, oils, and gummies.

This rigorous testing ensures our customers receive exactly what is promised: pure and potent CBD, free from contaminants.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Every product from Organic Grit comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA details the cannabinoid profile and confirms the absence of harmful substances like pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.

Providing a COA for each batch underscores our commitment to transparency and quality. Without a COA, it’s difficult to verify what’s in the product you’re consuming.

Here at Organic Grit we send every patch of CBD to SC Labs in Denver, Colorado


Clear and Accurate Labeling

Clear Labeling CBD


Misleading labels are a common issue with low-quality CBD products. Accurate labeling allows consumers to know precisely what they are consuming.

Organic Grit labels are clear and detailed, listing all ingredients and the exact amount of CBD per serving.

This transparency helps our customers make informed choices about their CBD intake.


One Farm | One Strain

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strain

Consistency in CBD products often stems from using a single hemp strain from a single source.

At Organic Grit, we adhere to the “One Farm, One Strain” practice, exclusively using the Hawaiian Haze strain from our partner farm in Wisconsin. This method ensures a consistent and reliable product every time. 

The quality of CBD is directly linked to the farming practices used to cultivate the hemp. We use organic growing methods, avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Our commitment to organic farming preserves the integrity of the soil and the health of the hemp plants, resulting in high-quality CBD.

Organic farming practices not only support environmental sustainability but also ensure that our CBD products are free from harmful chemicals.


FDA Registered Facility

FDA Registered Facility CBD 

Manufacturing CBD in an FDA-registered facility ensures compliance with stringent safety and quality standards.

Organic Grit products are produced in such a facility, ensuring that every step of the process meets high regulatory standards.

This registration demonstrates our dedication to maintaining the highest production standards.


Extraction Methods and Safety 

The method used to extract CBD from hemp plants greatly impacts the final product’s quality. Low-quality products often use cheaper, less effective extraction methods, which can leave harmful residues.

At Organic Grit, we use safe and efficient ethanol extraction to maintain the purity and potency of our CBD.

This method is known for its ability to produce high-quality extracts while preserving the natural profile of the hemp plant.


Avoiding Unrealistic Health Claims

Reputable CBD companies do not make exaggerated health claims. While CBD offers many potential benefits, it is not a cure-all.

At Organic Grit, we provide accurate information based on scientific research, helping our customers understand the realistic benefits of CBD without false promises.

Products that claim to cure a wide range of ailments without scientific backing should be viewed with skepticism.


Identifying Low-Quality Products

Knowing the signs of low-quality CBD products can protect your health and investment. Here are some red flags to watch for:

  1. Lack of Third-Party Testing: Avoid products that do not provide third-party lab results. 
  2. Vague Labeling: Steer clear of products with unclear or incomplete labels. 
  3. Questionable Extraction Methods: Low-quality products often use unsafe extraction methods involving harsh solvents. 
  4. No Source Information: High-quality CBD products should provide information about the hemp source. 
  5. Unrealistic Health Claims: Be cautious of products that claim to cure numerous ailments or conditions without scientific evidence. 


The Organic Grit Difference

Organic Grit CBD

At Organic Grit, our commitment to quality and transparency is evident in every product we offer. We use the Hawaiian Haze strain, grown organically on our partner farm in Wisconsin.

Our products are tested in FDA-registered facilities, ensuring they meet the highest standards. We provide detailed COAs for every batch, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Our transparent labeling, consistent potency, and responsible farming and extraction methods set us apart in the crowded CBD market.


The Bottom Line

Navigating the CBD market can be challenging, but understanding the signs of low-quality products helps you make informed decisions.

By prioritizing third-party testing, clear labeling, single-source hemp, and safe extraction methods, you can ensure you’re getting a high-quality product.

Organic Grit’s commitment to transparency, quality, and consistency makes our CBD products a trustworthy choice for those seeking effective and safe CBD solutions.

Protect your health and investment by choosing wisely and relying on reputable brands.


Organic Grit CBD Gummies

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