How do I store my CBD?

How Do I Store My CBD?

Jan 02, 2023Thomas K

  When you purchase CBD, it is an investment for your overall health. You probably know the use and application of the CBD products you have, but do you know how to make them last as long as possible? It’s important to note that CBD has a shelf life of one to two years, but CBD can expire far quicker without proper care.

Let’s go over the three key methods for properly taking care of your CBD products to ensure the product maintain their quality and potency.

Keep Your CBD Out of Direct Sunlight

   All of Organic Grit oil tinctures are matte black. We make our products in this way to prevent direct sunlight from penetrating the oil tincture bottle, which would in turn damage the product.

We recommend always to keep your CBD products away from direct sunlight to ensure maximum preservation

Keep Your CBD Products in a Cool Place

   When CBD is exposed to heat for long periods of time, it will lose potency. Do not leave your CBD products to bake in the car or near places in the home that generate a strong heat source. Some places that a more favorable for you to store your CBD would be a pantry or refrigerator

It is important to note that if you store your CBD products in the fridge, the low temperature may thicken the oil. If this should occur, put the product casing under warm water for a few minutes.

Keep Your CBD Products Secure and in Their Original Container

   Oxygen is known to break down the cannabinoids and in turn will negativity impact the potency of the oil. All OG CBD products are placed into air-tight containers to prevent a compromise in the quality of our products should they be exposed to oxygen. Like we mentioned above: avoid purchasing products that have a clear container because light will also degrade the cannabinoids.  

For good practice: ensure that the lip/cap of your CBD product is sealed tightly after each time you use it.

How Can I Tell if My CBD Went Bad?

   If CBD goes bad, it will have a very unpleasant smell. If you run across a product you purchased on the open CBD market and it turns out that it smells: its expired. Should that occur, reach out to the company you purchased from to get refund.

   Also another clear indication that CBD has went bad is if its cloudy/foggy. If you see that a CBD product you possess has any of the indicators above: throw it away immediately.


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