FDA call for new oversight on CBD

FDA Call for New Oversight on CBD

Jan 28, 2023Thomas K

The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has recently stated that cannabis-derived products need closer oversight. The request to have enhanced monitoring of the growing industry will involve the FDA to seek new powers from the United States Congress. 

As part of the new powers to regulate cannabidiol (CBD), the FDA has stated that products could include require the following: 

  • Requiring clear labels on products 
  • Prevent contaminates  
  • Limiting doses
  • Setting a minimum purchase age

As you may recall, the legalization of hemp and its related products occurred during 2018 when the Farm Bill passed. Following this legislation by Congress, it left the ball in the FDA’s court to regulate it. However, the FDA has not been the fastest in implementing clear rules and regulations for CBD companies to operate in. The results of this compliancy have caused countless CBD companies to form overnight and without any clear federal rules that would guide the manufacturing or marketing of CBD. In lieu of this, some States have taken it upon themselves to regulate the industry in their respective markets during the interim. 

Since our founding in 2019, we ensured that our products were created with high quality practices that currently meet or exceed the expected FDA requirements. Organic Grit has only worked our one farm that is a licensed hemp processor (State issued by Wisconsin), food processing plant (FDA licensed since its creation), and operates in a manner that all processing, manufacturing, sanitation, maintenance, and storage is cGMP-complaint (an FDA designation). Furthermore, all our products are clearly labelled and include a QR code. Once you scan the code, you’ll be taken to a 3rd Party Testing Report by SC Labs. From reading the report, you will be confident that the OG products are at the stated MG per dose and that our products are free from contamination.  

We are more than confident that our products will not only meet future regulatory requirements but exceed them. We implore the FDA to push ahead with its proposed regulations and to be as open and transparent as possible. The consumer deserves these regulations across the board.  


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