CBD & Bioavailability

CBD & Bioavailability

Dec 08, 2022Thomas K

In this industry there are so many options to take your CBD. To begin you first must understand what bioavailability is and how it plays a role in your body when it comes to CBD. Let us break it down.

Bioavailability as per the National Institute of Health: Bioavailability refers to the extent a substance or drug becomes completely available to its intended biological destination(s).

More accurately, bioavailability is a measure of the rate and fraction of the initial dose of a drug that successfully reaches either; the site of action or the bodily fluid domain from which the drug’s intended targets have unimpeded access.” When we are talking about CBD’s bioavailability, we must look at the fat molecules that are inside the carrier oil its fused with.  

When CBD enters your body, it needs to metabolize. There are different ways in which your body breaks down CBD and that depends on how it was delivered. While your body metabolizes the CBD your body will provide how much CBD is “bioavailable” to you. Other things to keep in mind when talking about CBD bioavailability are the duration and onset:

Duration describes how long the effect the CBD will have on you.

Onset is how long it takes for you to feel those effects.

It’s important to consider the extraction process, quality of hemp, delivery method, milligrams, and the overall individual themselves when talking about bioavailability as well.

Different Methods to take CBD

Sublingual (Oil Tincture): when you use a CBD Oil Tincture and squirt a dose under your tongue. This method allows the CBD (and other cannabinoids) to be absorbed through mucus membrane (tissue) into your blood stream.

Topical (Salve):  this means when you apply CBD Salve to your skin. This method allows the CBD to be absorbed through the dermal (skin) layer.

Comparing delivery methods

Organic Grit was originally founded on our signature OG CBD Oil Tinctures. The hemp, more specifically our unique Hawaiian Haze strain from which the CBD is extracted, is grown in Wisconsin. Then our products are tested in Colorado and sold here in the US. Our CBD oil tinctures are very potent. It will take between just 15-20 minutes for you to feel the benefits of our product.

Our OG CBD Salves take up to 45 minutes to an hour for you to feel its complete effect. The reason for this is because CBD must be absorbed through the a few layers of skin to then penetrate the muscle inflammation and soreness.

When you compare the two to see which has a more lasting effect, the salve has a far longer duration then oil tinctures.

Which one works best for me?

If you are looking for highly effective relief and to feel the benefits of the CBD very quickly: use OG CBD Oil tinctures. We use coconut oil as the base carrier for CBD for the most optimal bioavailability for our community. You can read about the different oil carriers used in the industry here.

If you are looking for a more concerted pain relief then use our OG CBD Salves. You can read more about CBD Salve and muscle recovery here.

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